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Simply Mpowering


The New World Channel


A sanctuary as well as a maker's space for a new world

Live in Zürich and online around the globe


The magic happens inside the comfort zone 


The path that I am walking on

Does not exist yet 

I am creating it

With every step I take 

(Author: Mirjana Janjić Power)



A small step can turn out to be a quantum leap...

There is something inside you that senses deeply that it is time to live life differently and create our new world.

It does not matter what your background or your profession is. You simply know that you want to take a step into this new world and be part of it.

Whether you are working in an organisation, leading a school, a team or you are a parent: the change always has to start on an individual and personal level.

The more connected you are to yourself the more present you can be even during turbulent times. It enables you to open up to new levels of creativity, innovation, mindfulness, compassion and living a joyful and passionate life.

The new world is about being fully aligned and deeply connected to your true Self rather than just following what everyone else is DOING.

It is time to connect our EQ, our hearts, with our IQ, our brain so we create a sustainable world.

I hold space and facilitate through human potential coaching, expressive arts therapy, energy healing, systemic constellations, somatic movement, meditations, creativity, storytelling and mindfulness.

I support and assist my clients, listeners, readers, viewers and co-players to create a new world for themselves, their children, their students, their employees as well as humanity in general.

Change starts within. Impulses from the outside can support us or overwhelm us. The more connected we are to ourselves the more we flow through change and challenges in our life. 

No matter how small the step is that we take towards creating a joyful and sovereign life and world it might turn out to be a quantum leap.

The magic happens inside the comfort zone

One day I had this epiphany: The magic happens INSIDE the comfort zone. Most people keep looking outside for success and ignore all the gifts and talents that they already have. They cover them up by trying to copy other people's paths and talents. Yet they would do so much better if they harnessed their own uniqueness. 

What is your gift that you can share in our world? Sit down and write 10 gifts that you have! For example...

I am a quiet observer

I have mastered the skill of listening

I love to cook

I am compassionate

I love to sing  

I am the best hugger in the world 

I am a natural handyman and can fix just about anything 

Often we tend to miss the obvious... 




Taking You beyond perceived limits to





a  joyful, sovereign and lighthearted path

life, school and business. 



If you are curious about what your new world could look like feel free to connect

"What I feel is unique about Mirjana is that she can touch and feel one’s mind, heart and soul. "

Tomer, Israel, Ex-army commander

"Thank you for the amount of strength, time and compassion you have given me. I have never met or worked with someone like you before. "

Daniel Y. Frohwein, UK, Founder, Realise Your Potential

"Mirjana is the real deal! The experience with Mirjana was very heartfelt, empowering and inspiring."

Katherine Puckett, USA, Founder of the Oasis Process

"Awesome, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, enlightening!"

Mike, Switzerland, Executive Director Banking

"I feel like I have emerged with a new perspective on life, relationships and the working of the Universe. Could not have found a better person to walk this journey with than Mirjana and cannot recommend her enough. "

Aditi, USA, Family Business Manager

"Mirjana’s kind and compassionate approach allowed me to open up to one of the deepest healing experiences I have had, and to release long standing trauma and sadness. Mirjana is extraordinarily skilled and generous and I highly recommend working with her as part of any healing journey. "

Scott, USA

"Mirjana is very compassionate and was able to address what my needs were in such depth when I was going through a tremendous life shift. I am left with a deep appreciation and profound respect for Mirjana. "

Richard, USA

"To me, it felt I was being tuned back to my true frequency where life was so carefree, happy and natural and made me feel alive. Working with Mirjana was a life time experience – set in my heart."

Shhanya, Singapore

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