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Dragon power and parenting

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2023

First of all "Happy New Year"! May it be filled with health, joy, creativity, magic, abundance and most of all love and light! 

I live in the "land of dragons". Mt Pilatus in Luzern holds a lot of legends and myths around those majestic and powerful creatures. Dragons connect heaven (flying) and earth (walking).

I am a capricorn and old pictures of the astrological capricorn figure looked much more like a dragon. It is much easier to climb the steepest mountain if you fly up... 

Today's blog is about reminding us of the "dragon power" that we all hold and an internal fire that burns for a passion but tends to be trapped for various reasons. As we enter a new year once again, we set intentions and decide to change something in our lives. Very few last beyond a few weeks and months at most. 

Yet, I believe that we all have an internal fire that keeps us going and it is important to re-connected to it again. When we observe children we witness a natural curiosity for life and the world as well as a passionate approach especially to things they love doing. 

Sadly we extinguish that fire pretty early on especially through schools and that's how most of our passions have also ended up trapped. We were formed and continue to program children to "achieve more than others" and become "somebody". Why won't we allow them to simply be themselves instead of "somebody"? 

I haven been pondering about how many people have truly had enough of outdated, archaic, narcissistic, patriarchic and abusive methods such as  pressure, control, force, manipulation, various forms of abuse and lies etc.?

Many people believe they stand for freedom, human rights, dignity and respect, peace yet most of them continue to support controlling and outdated systems and structures.

However, I am also witnessing many passionate people standing up for a more peaceful and loving world.

Dragons are actually very gentle creatures unless they need to protect their children and their community. Just like parents. Most of us are kind, loving and caring beings but if we need to protect our children, family or community we will spit fire. Even the most zen and mindful parents can roar when it comes to protecting their children. 

A lot of things have happened in the past three years in all of our lives. I do not know anyone who has not had difficulties, challenges and exhaustion to overcome. This has given many people an opportunity to reflect on their lives. Increasingly I witness people being fed up with the old "top down" control including young people and teenagers. 

Humans are peace loving beings by nature. Unfortunately some have been through so much trauma and are driven by hunger for greed and power and are deeply disconnected from their hearts. We see this in many areas and they cause a lot of suffering to their families, their communities, their employees, children, their nation and the world as a whole. 

Oddly a lot of those people end up in positions of power.

I strongly feel that the time has come to start taking back our (dragon) power, protect our children, families and communities from deceptive and narcissistic leadership and a clearly outdated top down system.

I have witnessed a lot over the past years and come to realise that we have to stop trusting blindly. As humans we naturally believe in the good in others but sadly many have lost the connection to their own light and are highly skilled in manipulating others for purpose of greed and power. 

Every time I watch humans from all walks of life sing or dance together I experience this deep connection and longing for peace radiating from those people.

We do not want wars! We do not want fights! We want our children to play safely and happily with other children.

This has awakened my own dragon energy. I have come to realise that I am a "dragon mama".  My intention for  2023 is to step up to empower and support all the other "dragon parents" who will stand strong against any attempts of abuse, violence and endangering the well-being of our children.

Anyone who truly loves their kids has to say STOP to attempts to hurt our children and turn them into another traumatised generation so that they can be easily controlled and manipulated. This happens on so many levels.

When we step into our own power as parents, when we spit fire like dragons in times of danger and thus set clear boundaries, we not only protect our offspring but we also teach our children how to stand in their own power. 

I would like to invite you to reflect on what happened to your internal fire and your passion? Are you still supporting outdated top down systems and ignoring the violence that is coming through your TV, the media or your gadget on a daily basis, feeling "there is nothing I can do"?

How about turning off the TV for a start or asking some questions? This is not about being "right or wrong". It is much more about becoming aware how easily we allow others to manipulate us. 

My origins are from Bosnia, although I was born and grew up in Austria. I experienced the war first hand in the 90ies as I visited the country during the war. Rumours have it that another war could start. Well here is the thing: people living in that country did not want the war in the 90ies and they don't want it now either! They want to be left to live in peace and go about living their lives just like you and me. 

Many of them simply had to defend themselves as they had nowhere else to go. The questions is though, who benefited from that war? Usually people in power who do not care about the well-being of others, our world and humanity as a whole. 

We might often feel "powerless" but the truth is that every single one of us holds a lot of power and imagine if we bring that together for a good cause. Propaganda, manipulation, fear and wars would lose their grip over humanity. 

Another question that I have for you: How are you living and expressing your spirituality? This does not mean that you have to be religious, meditate every day or pick angel cards.

It is much more about being connected to your own true divine self and having the capacity to reflect, release, change course and being open to growing. 

The amount of "spiritual" people I have met over the years who blindly follow gurus, claim to be animal communicators and loving beings. Yet often I have witnessed how people fail to recognise how they practice emotional and mental violence.

They refuse to take responsibility for their behaviour and have no boundaries. They are betraying themselves as well as others and thus affecting the work for a more peaceful and loving world.

"If you can name it you can tame it" is an important sentence for our own healing journey. 

Over the years I have truly become tired of those spiritual communities where you are not allowed to have emotions like anger or sadness. Emotions that are part of our lives. Anger can be a healthy driving force that ignites our fire and passion and subsequently leads to taking action. That does not mean that we act out in anger and with violence, on the contrary. 

Healthy anger sets clear boundaries and can give us the courage to take necessary steps and even inspire us to launch initiatives because we feel "we have had enough". 

I had no idea how interconnected the systems are and how lazy (and I usually refuse to use that word!) and narrow minded people especially in public authorities, governmental institutions and organisations are. 

Of course we are all going through our own learning processes. This is not about judging people but communicating how I have definitely gone through another level of awakening over the past three years in particular. 

There was a time when I feared my own power. Then there was a time when others tried very hard to control my power and attempted to extinguish my light, even in the spiritual community, which I never understood at that time. Today I do.

There were times of absolute exhaustion and even feelings of hopelessness. Yet I am still standing as I never gave up and my "dragon power and fire" is only going to grow. My sleeping dragon is truly waking up.

Loving and kind with clear boundaries. It almost feels to me like the dragon energy is highly protective and burns bridges when attempts are made to hurt me or my children. I will definitely have to sit more with that energy and experience. 

Let us all come together in 2023 to empower and support each other, awaken our dragon power and fiery passion and promote a peaceful co-existence especially in countries of war and longstanding division. 

We do not have to spend time with people or family when we don't "gel" or can't take their forms of violence anymore. A peaceful co-existence means "live and let live". If people don't want to change then there is nothing we can do.

However, we can live a more peaceful life and assist those who want change and transformation and a more peaceful, joyful and creative life. Our way of living will naturally impact the world. If you have watched the first Avatar movie you will have learnt that everything is interconnected.



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