There is always a new beginning

Do you know that our sun is getting hotter and that in some hundreds of millions of years our Earth will disappear? I know it is a long time away and we don’t have to think about it in our lifetime. Yet, it made me wonder what would happen if Earth was going to be extinct now.

Our planet is an incredibly rich planet in terms of diversity and species. The tiniest ant walks on our Earth as well as the biggest elephants.

A long time ago dinosaurs inhabited our planet. They were extinct. Maybe they had to be extinct in order for our human species to settle here? Imagine what our lives would look like if we had a T-rex roaming through the streets!

For a long time my world was so small that I couldn’t have possibly believed that life existed beyond Earth’s borders. When I visited the science museum in London it hit me as I looked at the pictures from the Hubble telescope: the vastness of the universe. It is infinite.

How could I have possibly believed that we are alone? We are merely a speck in the infinite sea of creation. In any moment we can disappear and something or somebody new is born.

I observe people being worried about wars, climate changes and many other catastrophes but I don’t share the same concerns. Half a century of various experiences have taught me that there is always a new beginning even after complete devastation. 

In the tiny village where my father lives most people have left to work in another country. They have built big houses that remain empty until they come for a few weeks on holidays. The few people who stayed behind are employed to mow the lawns including the area along the road.

In one case the person in charge used a chemical solution called “total” in order to kill all the grass and weeds along the road so he does not have to keep cutting it. That specific ("total") part has been bare and empty for years now. It looks very strange because there is grass before and after that area.

This year I saw some weeds starting to grow again. I met the owner of that house who happened to be in the village as his niece was getting married. I hadn’t seen him since the war in 1992 and maybe even longer.

I asked him what he was going to do about that bare area. His answer was: We will cover it with new earth and seed some grass on it. I had never thought about that solution.

When we see pictures and videos of Chernobyl we ralise how nature keeps finding its way to survive, grow, expand and flourish.

Even if Earth was going to be extinct now for whatever reason, a new Earth will appear. Maybe not in the same spot and maybe it will take a long time to grow, expand and flourish – especially if we think about the infinite numbers of species that have found a home on our planet – but it will rebirth/create itself again.

As humans we fear death. Yet the more I have pondered about it the more I have realised that our human bodies are nothing without our soul and our heart beat.

In an instant our bodies become lifeless and rigid. All that’s left are memories.

Look at your life now. Are you truly happy? Are you living the life that you want or are circumstances dictating your life?

Do you feel you have explored everything you wanted to explore? Is there anything left on your bucket list? What have the experiences in your life taught you so far?

Do you feel that you have lived a rich life with all the good, the bad and the ugly and if you were to die now you could go in peace?

When I look at the current dramas unfolding on our planet and listen to everyone sharing their truth I know that it is their way of making sense of this planet, their lives and justifiying their existence.

What would happen if we could just be and exist without having to justify it?

What would our lives look like if there was no so called purpose in it? Do we truly need to have a purpose or can we just live our lives in awe of the infinite possibilities of creation.

There is an incredibly archaic and patriarchic system dictating our lives. Unless we are productive, work hard, are disciplined, achieve and focus on our goals, we will go nowhere. Is that true?

What if that is merely a belief system created for us to pay taxes, pay bills, pay politicians etc. and be caught in an everlasting loop of dependence.

Humans are creators by nature. They will create because they are curious and innovative.

We have been programmed to work for others and many will not share their harvests anymore for fear that they won’t have enough.

Maybe it is time we start working for ourselves and share what we have with others knowing that others will share what they have with us. It will be an exchange of knowledge, wisdom and goods between everyone and not only between those who can afford to pay the demanded price (which seems to be skyrocketing for everything at the moment).

Many times food is dumped that has expired and not been sold although we have people living on the street or barely making ends meet.

Our society and economy needs a major reset. Whether Earth will have to die first to be born again or whether humanity will awaken to what’s truly needed remains to be seen.

If every single one of us starts becoming aware of how our contribution and change will feed into the collective then we will all have an impact on creating and nurturing a new Earth into being and existence.

It is not an easy process and will take time. We might lose family, friends, jobs, homes, colleagues etc in the process. We can trust though that at some point they might change too because life will sooner or later force them to change.

It will hit people much harder if circumstances force them to change then if they choose freely with a new level of awareness and take small steps.

I don’t fear the death of our planet as at some point it will die let's call it a natural cause. I know that there is always a new form of life even when another one becomes totally extinct. That is nature and that is the universe. That thought alone creates a feeling of peace. 

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