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Trusting and creating with "no mind"

Learning to access "infinite possibilities"..., re-learning to trust our "gut feeling" (= intuition) and creating from "no mind"...

Recently I watched an interview about "fear and courage" with Gerald Hüther, a neuroscientist who emphasises the need for a natural development of a child's innate potential as well as creation of new schools. He explained how "fear does not need courage but it needs trust".

Let us explore more about how fear overshadows our innate feelings of trust and how we create with "no thoughts and no mind" when we trust. 

I am sure you have heard that "thoughts create reality". 

Do you know though that "no thoughts" also create reality? Research in quantum physics has shown us that the observer influences the behaviour of the particle. Therefore mere observation creates reality. We can debate now whether mere observation also contains thoughts or not. 

What about the 95% of our behaviour that is based on unconscious thoughts? Well, we could say that we create reality with thoughts that we are not even aware of. 

Experienced meditators go into states and spaces of "emptiness and no thoughts". For my brain it was quite a journey to get to that state. I made the first attempts in high school, which failed miserably. 

Next I tried in my 30ies again and came to realise how busy my mind was. I started observing the first steps of success to calm my chatter through chanting. I have always loved to sing and dance. 

As time progressed and I worked on my meditation skills I had some curious experiences. I would go into a deep meditation while my mind would still be "yapping away". It just shows what we are capable of doing. 

The mindfulness trainings were another step on the journey. Thoughts were allowed to come and go. 

A bigger breakthrough came for me when I started to consciously move through meditation. The first time I  encountered this was in my Tamalpa Life Arts training in California in 2018. I deepened the practice and experience especially over the past year with my teacher for somatics, the creative process and performance Soto Hoffman who refers to it as "no mind" (a translation from the Japanese Mu Shin Mu). That's when I realised that I had reached a state of effortlessly slipping into "no thoughts and no mind". 

In hindsight that's what had always happened when I was dancing from an early age on. I was in a "no thoughts and no mind" space. My body would just move naturally in harmony with the music. I didn't have to do or think anything, simply move, laugh, be joyful and feel happy, energised and most of all connected to myself, the world and the universe. 

Let me also reflect here a bit on how creating our reality with no thought and no mind assists us on learning to trust deeper.

Through conditioning and programming we learn to trust what is presented by the outside world and not what our own body tells us. We start losing that trust and permanently override it with behavioural patterns that will give us a feeling of "safety". 

Everybody will have had experiences in life where they did not feel safe to be themselves in their childhood as well as beyond it. However the foundation for disconnection as well as dissociation was laid most often in childhood. It did not matter whether we were too loud or too shy, whether we ate too much or too little or whether we were considered (too) smart or had learning difficulties and considered (too) stupid. 

Never good enough... do you recognise that? 

Some of us had to take on a parental role in our families because our own parents didn't do that, so we were not even allowed to truly experience life as a child or teenager because it was filled with way more responsibility then we should have had. 

How often have you heard parents say "nothing happened, you are fine" even when a child falls and hurt himself or herself? They are taught not to feel, recognise or allow pain.

There are parents who physically abuse their children and don't allow them to cry or speak in that moment. Major suppression of emotions and feelings and fear get trapped in the body. 

This is not about judging people but merely creating an awareness how we lost the connection to our natural abilities. 

How to trust our own feelings, body, knowing or desire when every possible effort had been put into place to remove ourselves from that deep connection with our soul, body and mind with our without thought? 

If you drift away as a child and don't focus what the teacher is presenting then you are diagnosed with ADD. Yet when you are an adult you try hard to learn to let you mind drift and wander and let go of all the thoughts. A state that you naturally experienced in your early years of life but were not allowed to keep. 

It can be very beneficial in our lives to have "steps" or a "form" that we follow. A certain structure can give security and can also ground visions and ideas. Yet, it can also limit us because we only see that one way and we might not dare to step outside that "safe structure". 

What happens when we go into "formless", "no thought", "no mind"? 

We open up to a new level of exploration and allow feelings and emotions to surface that might have been suppressed. Freed up / unleashed creativity might suddenly emerge. 

That means - we do not have to think, we just move yet at the same time we are still present and observing. You might call that "thinking". It is not. We are not actively having any thoughts. We are merely the observer like we know from quantum physics. 

Something marvellous unfolds in that moment - we are creating. Formless creation turns in a natural and flowing way into form. 

Suddenly an emotion or a feeling might arise that we had not thought of. We created a "no thought and no mind" space to allow whatever wants to flow through to surface. A new reality. 

The more often we go into "no mind" spaces the safer we start feeling in that environment. We start trusting our own body more and we learn to let go of control and simply be present in the moment. 

Our body knows how to move without us every thinking a thought. Our body knows what needs to heal and will do so if we give it the necessary time and space. Our body is an absolute miracle but over time we lose awareness of and connection to that miracle. 

There is something truly magical about "no thought and no mind". You have no idea how your body will move, where it will take you and who you will be when you connect to thought and mind again. A new reality. 

You might start creating your life in a completely different way. 

Of course there is a possibility that people access trauma in such states and therefore it might be helpful to have such an experience initially with a qualified therapist or instructor. However, usually our body does protect us from accessing trauma unless we want to go there. 

Please feel free to contact me for a personal live or online session if you would like to learn to let go of control and trust your own body and "gut feeling" (=intuition) again, sense into your soul's mission and explore creation and creativity through the depth and magic of "mind and no mind". 

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