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How NOT to raise your children

Synchronicity! I just saw this video on facebook where astrophysicist, author, and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how to raise kids that will become the shakers and movers of the world of tomorrow. He explains for example that a scientist is basically a child who kept his curiosity.

And just this morning I was looking at my son's picture. He was about 3 years old, St. Patrick's Day in Singapore, his eyes full of curiosity and an incredibly energy. Fast forward, a 14 year old who has already been through a lot of experiences. I did let my children jump into puddles, get dirty and roam freely yet my children's lives were not carefree. I will be sharing in my Simply Mpowering Families blog the many experiences that we have been through and how that impacted our family and the growth of my children as well as my own growth. Along the way I did a lot of different types of training including "mindful parenting". Just like in school it is one thing to learn about a topic and a much bigger step to truly embody our learnings, awareness and consciousness. So stay tuned! 

Today I will share this much. We have lived in different countries and my children have been to different schools - from international ones with IB programs, over boring local school (asking many questions is not welcome!) to alternative school and back to IB again. Besides having to move continents their parents went through a divorce. All of these experiences can create resilience but also trauma. I will be talking more about that in future blogs. We don't need Hollywood in our family! Life offers enough dramas and scripts for books and movies!

To come back to the picture of my son:  while he is still very curious I am observing how that spark in his eyes that he had as a 3 year old is not the same anymore. He is very similar to me. We both tend to have lots of ideas but I am free to develop mine now where as I am continuously wondering: how can his school bring out his potential fully? Boring classes won't do it. It is something that I am starting to commit to: wanting to keep that spark and curiosity and creativity in children's, teenagers' and adults lives alive!

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