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Just do it! What would you do if you knew you would succeed?


You can also view the video on youtube The video and the blog are not the same transcript. 

There is no doubt that over the years I have  gone through a lot of transformation myself. During the past few years it also became clearer that I wanted to embrace and live more of my creative potential. Over the past weeks in particular there was a need to go within again. Something new wanted to emerge. One of my favourite mantras is: Letting go of the old makes room for the new! 

I will write more about the following topic but basically my focus is on "being-ness" instead of business. A video and blog will be up soon :) So I want to express my beingness and allow the business to unfold from that natural impulse that comes from within. 

Part of my current transformational process entails making videos and while I got the feedback that people are enjoying them one of my dear Tamalpa friends was curious about my hands and wondering if they wanted  to express themselves more. Of course, Tamalpa work includes somatic movement and a trained eye spots such things straight away.  I often felt stiff as I was just sitting there and sharing what I wanted to share. So I decided to make more videos where I am standing as  well as moving and just try it out. Just do it! 

I went live on facebook for the very first time and decided to offer a dance performance. I love to dance. I didn't think much about it. I just went live and I just did it! 

I stopped procrastinating about what I should share and how it should be shared and who it should be shared with. I just did it! I let go of the old - of asking myself - who is my target audience? How can I solve their problems and instead focused on my own world and creating what I would like to experience and do and most of all who I would like to be! What would I like to share with the world? How would I like to express myself? This is a new exploration that has come from within. If I was to talk to marketing strategists they would think I am crazy (well, there is some truth in that...). Right now I have no marketing strategy besides that I am creating content and expressing what I would like to express in the form that comes most natural to me completely detached from the outcome! 

Let us see where that impulse and that natural movement from within takes me! I can only share with my clients what I have already experienced myself or we go through the experience together. I hope you will enjoy my new impulse and stay curious about where the movement is going to take me. I myself have no idea. I love the unknown. It holds so much potential! Another video is waiting to be released soon on that topic! 

What small or big change will you be creating today? Where have you have been contemplating or procrastinating if you should do it or not? What's keeping you from doing it? What would you do if you knew you would succeed? Just do it! 


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