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"Re-birth" and the career path


Can we find the courage to change career paths and trust that "re-birth" is always possible?

We do not need to physically die and be re-born again to experience a new life, a new family, a new career path etc. We can choose to start something new or follow our neglected passion in any moment in time. 

This week I had the opportunity to talk to 10th graders at a career forum. My career path has not been a linear one and continues to change. I am humbled by teachers and facilitators that I have trained with and they were still sharing their wisdom at age 98, late 80ies and late 70ies. 

When we are young we try to figure out what we want to do in life, which courses to choose, what university to go to. My generation would have done the "sensible thing" and studied something that is "solid", you know what I mean. Very few would have gone into the arts or drama or similar. 

Today's youth is different. While many don't know what courses or studies to choose and are still influenced by parents or the society, which to a big extent is still money driven, they see more possibilities. Over the years I have trained in different fields and gathered different experiences that have nothing to do with my university degree. 

There are many people who have started with apprenticeships and they have never gone to university and learnt the trade on the job even in banks, insurance companies etc. 

Many of the jobs that our children will do don't exist yet but they are expected to choose courses and degrees that will give them a living now. Life is a journey and we take steps, turns and make decisions on our paths. Our world is truly changing majorly. Have you noticed that? 

In my own contemplations about infinite possibilities I have looked at the topic of "re-birth". 

It does not matter whether I believe in an afterlife or past life or not. What matters is this current life and yes, if we believe in past lives they might have an impact in this life. Yet, we can also set the intention to just have a joyful life right now. It is a choice we make. 

Once we set the intention it often feels like the universe is conspiring to deliver. Whatever is needed in the process will show up to support us along the way. Sometimes it might be joyful and fun and other times it might be letting go and tears. 

No doubt might there be a push and pull in different directions when it comes to letting go of parts of our lives or people, situations or habits that are causing more frustration and pain than joy, compassion and love. 

We might even be in a joyful career yet feel that something else is calling us. We might be getting nudges from the universe, from other people, from our soul, pain in our body or unsettled feelings from time to time. The nudges can come in various forms. 

Why would we let go of something that we have been doing for a long time? Especially if it earns a solid amount of money and might even brings us joy you might ask? Maybe it is actually another level within the field that we are working in or maybe there is truly a calling, a feeling or an inner knowing that we are meant to follow a new path. 

When I work with clients I witness transformation. Many times our conscious mind likes to fool us a bit because it seems to make our lives easier. We convince ourselves about situations, people, careers, jobs or have desires about what we would like to achieve and have in life. 

I like to work with systemic constellation and write things on A4 paper and put it on the floor. It gives us an eagle's view. Sometimes we sense straight away that things are not in the right place. Other times we stand on a word and explore the feeling. Suddenly the body tells us much more about how we truly feel instead of how we have convinced ourselves that we feel. 

The first step is becoming aware. Usually it is a journey to change, let go and start something new. It can be very difficult to start something new from scratch especially if we look back at a career of maybe 20 to 30 years or if we have been a stay at home mom. 

Birth is not the easiest process either - not for the mother and not for the baby but a true miracle appears at the end of it. A cell that holds all the information for a fully grown person has developed enough to present itself to the world in the form of a new shape. 

So, no matter where you are in life or what you are doing at the moment or how you are feeling if something is nudging you or has been for a while take the time to look at it and sense into it. 

Re-birth is always possible.

Trust that if you close one door another one will open or maybe even many. 

Value your own strength. 

If you would like assistance on your journey, want to write a new chapter in your life and close an old chapter then feel free to contact me. I am an experienced human potential coach, mentor, expressive arts therapist, energy healer and hold compassionately space for your individualised process as well as support you with systemically as well as intuitively asking the "right" questions . 

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