Impact Fund




Co-creating a

New World

of inter-connected-ness  


The New World Channel aims to give


 access to resources and information for a


happier, healthier,

creative, empowered, balanced and sustainable life,

school and business




Together we can create the world that we are envisioning for generations to come.


The New World Channel shares resources and information locally and globally to develop

  • new school systems 

  • new spiral economic systems

  • new currency and exchange systems

  • healthy lifestyles

  • thriving families

  • sustainable businesses and

  • regenerative approaches such as permaculture

The New World channel offers access to

🎧 8 min read

A variety of blogs

🎧 24 min listen

Regular Podcasts

🎧 14 min watch

Multilingual Videos for the whole family and schools including neurodiversity

🎧 19 min watch

Interviews with experts from various fields

🎧 Hours of

Empowering and transforming workshops and retreats - live and online

🎧 19 min read

Multilingual New World Channel 

Meet the mind behind the New World Channel 

Mirjana Janjić Power 

Founder and Creative Director 

Mirjana is the heart and soul of the New World Channel. Her creative mind and compassionate heart for humanity guide her to explore new resources and share experiences, knowledge and wisdom with people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

She believes that EVERYONE has a right to have access to a more balanced, empowered, creative, happy and healthy life. 



What I feel is unique about Mirjana is that she can touch and feel one's mind, heart and soul. 

Tomer W.

Father of three, ex-army commander, fitness trainer

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