Impact funding

Let us dream big and make it happen! Yes, we can do it!

Together we can create a better world for everyone not just for a select few. When we support each other we can all grow and thrive! 

We cannot solve the problems the same way we created them. We need new systems and new ways of being and doing in order to solve the problems of today's world! 

Everything is interconnected. No matter where we start it will have an impact on other areas of life. A key focus of the impact fund is the creation of new systems within the education sector. 

 Our children want and need to express their full potential.

We can create a new, healthy, abundant and sustainable world and the change begins with every single one of us!

If you would like to know more about  impact funding then please click here.

Be a change maker and make an impact now! Small steps turn into a mile and many small steps into many miles. We have to start somewhere...

A small step can also turn out to be a quantum leap.

May everything that you give from your kind and compassionate heart come back to you infinite times! 

With deep gratitude

Mirjana Janjić Power

Founder Simply Mpowering®

Give from your heart what you can

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