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Together we can make an impact!


We need a new education system...


... because we cannot solve the problems the way we created them. 


Education beyond limitation®


Please support our projects and initiatives for an education system where children learn to express their full potential!



Impact fund

Let us co-create a new sustainable, compassionate and creative world for generations to come.

Make an impact and support our projects with a financial contribution!


Our impact fund is used to co-create and partner 

  • with schools and

  • universities

  • and similar initiatives


  • create collaborative change makers' spaces,

  • support organisations

that use new learning methods such as

  • creativity,

  • holistic and inspiring methodologies and

  • cross-cultural and intergenerational learning 

in order to

  • foster and embrace curiosity

  • learn and grow in a safe and respectful environment

  • gather practical, experiential as well as theoretical resources

to be a life long learner and

  • acquire a skill-set for

  • a healthy work-life balance 

It is up to all of us! Not just one or the other generation. 

The impact fund also supports and offers access to

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Weekly blogs

🎧  listen

Regular Podcasts

🎧  watch

Multilingual Videos 

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Multilingual creative explorations

🎧 Hours of

Empowering and transforming workshops and retreats 

Meet the inspiring founder 

Mirjana Janjić Power 

Founder and Creative Director 

Mirjana is the heart and soul of Simply Mpowering®. She loves being a mum and deeply cares about children and education. 

Her creative mind and her compassionate heart for humanity guide her to continuously explore new resources and share experiences, knowledge and wisdom with people of all ages and from all walks of life. 



What I feel is unique about Mirjana is that she can touch and feel one's mind, heart and soul. 

Tomer W.

Father of three, ex-army commander, fitness trainer

Make an impact! 

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