"A small step can turn out to be a quantum leap." 

Mirjana Janjić Power, MA

First of all a warm Welcome to my website.

Thank you for your curiosity to find out more about me.

My intention is to support and empower you with simple resources and tools that you can then effortlessly apply in your life, school or business.

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Human Potential Coach 

Half a century of gathering and sharing experience, knowledge and wisdom 

  • Systemic, creative, clear and compassionate  
  • Clearing blockages and restoring flow
  • Global experience
  • Individual coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Family and business systems/constellations
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Expressive and Healing Arts, 

Energy and Sound Healing 

I spent most of my life believing I was not creative until... 

  • Healing through the arts, sound and energy 
  • Restoring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
  • Healing grief, trauma, repetitive patterns, relationships
  • Dealing with neurodiversity
  • Applying a holistic approach to body, mind and soul 
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Teenagers’ Mom, Podcaster,  Artist, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Mentor, Content Creator, Channel...

Some could call it ADHD and others call it a diverse spectrum of interests... you just need to channel the energy right...

  • Empowering workshops
  • Transforming retreats
  • Creative writing
  • Connected parenting / parent compass
  • Mindful communication with children/youth
  • Perpetual learner 
  • Tapping into neurosciene and the quantum field 
  • Exploring new business ideas
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What customers are saying...

“You are such a beautiful soul and life coach! Warm, joyful, welcoming, compassionate, full of light and expert in guiding us to create a future full of purpose, joy, and bliss."

Jan, USA 

What I feel is unique about you is that you can touch one's mind, heart and soul.”

Tomer, Israel 

"I feel like I have emerged with a new perspective on life, relationships and the working of the universe. I could have not found a better person to walk this journey with than Mirjana and cannot recommend her enough! 

Aditi, USA 

60 minutes

  • Individual session
  • Expansive skill-set
  • Transformational
  • Impactful
  • Tailor made packages possible

90 minutes

  • Individual session
  • Expansive skill-set
  • Transformational
  • Impactful
  • Tailor made packages possible

I thought I couldn't do what others can do...

It was a process to realize that everyone is unique and I just need to be myself....

One day I had this epiphany: The magic happens INSIDE the comfort zone. Most people keep looking outside for success and ignore all the gifts and talents that they already have. They cover them up by trying to copy other people's paths and talents. Yet, they would do so much better if they harnessed their own uniqueness. 

A small step… 

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