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We cannot solve the problems the same way they have been created....  

...yet,  we keep trying to do that. 


Here is Why


As a human potential coach and mother, I keep witnessing how the current education system limits our children's potential...

... because we have been trained to mainly use the left side of our brain... Our current education system is starving the right side of our brain. It is also disconnected from the most vital organ in our body, the heart, which by the way contains the word "art". 

How do we educate our children in ways that inspire as well as support them to express their full potential? 

Our world is continuously changing, yet the education system has barely changed since the Industrial Revolution. 

Imagine you have the newest computer and you are still using the very first operating system. Often you cannot even use a system that is several years old because it is no longer being supported. 

Sometimes the computer or laptop will not even allow you to update to the latest system because the developer deems your gadget to be too old. 

Yet, when it comes to our education system and preparing our children for their future they are still learning content that is either irrelevant or taught in rather outdated, boring and top-down ways.

As a human potential coach and mother of teenagers, I am very concerned about how public as well as private schools often fail to care about our children's physical, emotional and mental well-being.

I have met amazing teachers and a few school leaders who have a positive and inspiring impact on their students. 

However, overall the education system itself is limiting and outdated. It does not need more gadgets in the classroom.

It needs more creativity, collaboration, connection, inspiration, compassion and explorative discovery. 

How can we support children to thrive and teach them to trust their gifts and capacities instead of pressurising them with more expectations, pushing them harder and telling them they are failures? 

We are multidimensional beings who learn in many different ways but we have been taught and trained to "starve" so much of our potential. The right side of our brain has more or less been put to sleep. 

What would happen to your body if you only used one side of it? 

How would you walk around if one side of your body was asleep?

The majority of us thankfully have two feet, two legs, two arms, two eyes, two ears and a brain with two halves  - left and right. Why is our education system focusing only on the left side of the brain? 

Have you noticed that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) has changed to STEAM (Harvard etc) years ago, yet many schools and universities are still focusing only on STEM? The "A" stands for "Arts"...  the right side of the brain.

So, how do we solve problems creatively (right side of the brain) and mindfully when we have never learnt how to do that?

It does not matter if those problems are affecting us on an individual, collective and global level. 

Do we want to continue trying to solve the problems with the same type of mindset that we used to create them? 

If we want to create a more harmonious, compassionate, collaborative, creative and abundant world for everyone then we have to start changing the education system. 

A new educational system is on its way. Are you going to join it? 

 "The path that I am walking on
Does not exist yet
I am creating it
With every step I take"
(Mirjana Power)


I decided to take one small step and create a handbook for parents and students to support them through the sometimes challenging process of choosing a university or a subject to study. 

No matter what you plan to do in your life, you can create "Your Unique Pathway" rather than "copy/paste" everybody else's.  

If you are a student looking for Your unique University pathway then you can start by reading below comprehensive handbook that will support you on that journey. 

If you only need an "executive summary" of the comprehensive handbook then that too is available below. 

For future IB and AP students, another handbook can assist you with the decision-making process. 

"Your Handbook on "How to choose Your unique University pathway" is very good. Concise, easy to read and full of practical advice. At one stage I almost panicked... OMG was this the level of research I would have to do to help my daughter if I did not have your book? I really like the check list. It is very useful and hepful!"

Anh Nga, UK

A small step can turn out to be a quantum leap. (M.Power)

What drives me to dedicate my time and passion to education? 

My love for learning and for children.

Barely anything or maybe nothing has changed since I went to school. Yet, the world has substantially changed. We are continuously evolving in so many ways but we have failed to bring the education sector along on that journey. 

As a mother, it was extremely difficult for me to witness when my children entered school, that they faced the same kind of environment and challenges that I had encountered as a child. 

I learned through my children as well as spending time with other children that they are naturally curious and have an immense willingness to learn. 

Schools seem to tend to crush the development of our children's full potential rather than support them to learn how to express it. 

Life skills are not taught in school. Even a subject like psychology will teach them abstract theory but not show them how to reflect on their own challenges and find ways to overcome them in life. 

It was only in my late 30ies and 40ies that I discovered my love for learning and my constant curiosity about how the world works or could maybe work better.

I managed to reconnect to that "child in me" that was crushed at an early age while equally accessing an abundance of lifelong experiences and wisdom. 

There was a moment in my life when I felt I had to take that step and start sharing it with other parents, schools, teenagers, children and the world in general.

I could no longer be part of an outdated system that was creating more problems in our society than it was helping to solve them. 

It was simply impossible to stand by and watch how yet another generation was being shut down and disconnected from their potential, joy, creativity and brilliance.  

Admittedly I had to do some soul searching as I had spent a lot of time working in coaching and therapeutic settings. 

By no means was my own journey easy. On the contrary, it was filled with extreme challenges on many levels and I had to learn a lot along the way. 

A big focus in my life was on my children. I wanted to ensure that they felt safe and supported on all possible levels, as many parents do.

Knowing that the outdated systems don't give space to children's needs and wants, I felt that I wanted to contribute to changing that. 

I love being around creative and curious energy, filled with questions, exploration and the capacity to be so deeply focused on the experience that track is lost of time and space = children, teenagers and adults who are truly connected to themselves and the world around them.

Moving from STEM to STEAM

Creative, multidimensional, explorative

and impactful learning 

Please contact me for an explorative meeting if you are a school, teacher,  parent, student, organisation etc. interested in new (neuro)path-ways of creative, experiential and impactful learning.

We start excelling when both parts of our brain are connected and work in harmony and we engage our body and our heart.

We learn most through experiences and the neuroplasticity of our brain enables us to continue to learn and change at any age. 

My passion is being a lifelong learner who is always curious about how the world works and I have always had a particular interest in education. 

Tending to be ahead of my time I have walked the paths of multiple career changes from studying translation and interpreting (MA), working in fund management, being a stay-at-home mum and volunteering a lot in schools to expressive and life arts, human potential coaching and alternative healing modalities such as energy healing. 
For the past 23 years, I have been empowering, enabling, educating and holding space for people from all age groups and across all social backgrounds and professions with my expansive skill set and knowledge, as well as with an abundance of experiences and wisdom.

Learn more about me here.


The magic happens inside the comfort zone

One day I had this epiphany: The magic happens INSIDE the comfort zone. My book on that topic will be published in 2024.

Most people keep looking outside for success and ignore all the gifts and talents that they already have. They cover them up by trying to copy other people's paths and talents. Yet they would do so much better if they harnessed their uniqueness. 

What is your gift that you can share in our world? Sit down and write 10 gifts that you have! For example...

I am a quiet observer

I have mastered the skill of listening

I love to cook

I am compassionate

I love to sing  

I am the best hugger in the world 

I am a natural handyman and can fix just about anything 

Often we tend to miss the obvious... 



Taking You beyond perceived limits to





a  joyful, sovereign and lighthearted path in

life, school and business. 



If you are ready to take a step into education beyond limitation then please join our new ways of learning and creating individual pathways. 

"What I feel is unique about Mirjana is that she can touch and feel one’s mind, heart and soul. "

Tomer, Israel, Ex-army commander

"Thank you for the amount of strength, time and compassion you have given me. I have never met or worked with someone like you before. "

Daniel Y. Frohwein, UK, Founder, Realise Your Potential

"Mirjana is the real deal! The experience with Mirjana was very heartfelt, empowering and inspiring."

Katherine Puckett, USA, Founder of the Oasis Process

"Awesome, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, enlightening!"

Mike, Switzerland, Executive Director Banking

"I feel like I have emerged with a new perspective on life, relationships and the working of the Universe. Could not have found a better person to walk this journey with than Mirjana and cannot recommend her enough. "

Aditi, USA, Family Business Manager

"Mirjana’s kind and compassionate approach allowed me to open up to one of the deepest healing experiences I have had, and to release long standing trauma and sadness. Mirjana is extraordinarily skilled and generous and I highly recommend working with her as part of any healing journey. "

Scott, USA

"Mirjana is very compassionate and was able to address what my needs were in such depth when I was going through a tremendous life shift. I am left with a deep appreciation and profound respect for Mirjana. "

Richard, USA

"To me, it felt I was being tuned back to my true frequency where life was so carefree, happy and natural and made me feel alive. Working with Mirjana was a life time experience – set in my heart."

Shhanya, Singapore

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