Every woman has a story to tell...


Sacred Conversations


Your safe space

and virtual sanctuary 

to own and share your story



Does this sound like you?


There is so much you want to express, yet you haven’t found a safe place to share it.

There is something emerging within you. You may not have language for it or even understand it, but you can sense and feel it and you want to let it out!

You feel alone in your experience and you simply want to be understood.

You are looking for your tribe, your peeps… people who will just get you and your experience.

You want to talk and share your most authentic self freely and openly.

You are tired of positioning, proving and pleasing.

You want to get out of your head and Into your heart.

You are tired of looking outside of yourself to ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ for answers.

You are ready to look within for the truth. 

You are ready to follow your own, intuitive voice.

You are ready to stop living in old paradigms that no longer serve your highest good.

You feel pulled to move beyond our own personal journey to connect with others and co-create new possibilities.

This is ME!

Mirjana Janjić Power 

I love empowering people from all walks of life and of all ages. I believe that the magic happens inside the comfort zone. When we feel truly safe and are nurtured we can grow and flourish, just like a child or a flower. Every single one of us could fill a book with our experiences, wisdom and knowledge. I love to hold the space for magical and deep transformations and shining the light on everyone's uniqueness. Life offers infinite possibilities if we wake up every morning and ask: where is the open door? I am the founder and creative genius of  Simply Mpowering 



Women supporting Women

The magic happens inside the comfort zone! We will hold that safe and deeply compassionate space for you where you can own your story, show your vulnerability and drop all your masks. We hear you. We see you. We feel you. Life is not always glamorous or joyful or flowing easily. But it can be once we know: We are not alone and we can heal. Billions of us are carrying so much without ever being acknowledged or receiving respect and gratitude or even compensation for the incredible amount of work we do as partners, as mothers, as daughters, as sisters, as employees, as embodied leaders, as friends or simply as human beings. 

How do we hold that safe space? In a circle of love and compassion, presence, coherence, a high level of consciousness and awareness with active listening skills and an ability to mindfully reflect, explore, be playful and co-create.

We believe in empowering and inspiring you to express your innate creativity and move into a natural flow state. You will receive tools for self-development, healing and growth and we will also have expert guest speakers on various topics.

Your main space holders, Mirjana Janjić Power has half a century of life experiences as single mother, multicultural partner and families, daughter, sister, leadership coaches,  artist, entrepreneurs, healer, therapist, employee, visionary, impactful change maker, embodied leader, space holder and friend and have even worked in fund management. I have been through my own human ups and downs and both realised how childhood traumas and life long conditionings didn't allow me to fully be my joyful and creative self. So I started writing and sharing own our story!

Own Your Story!

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