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Connected parenting - Our children's journey

Simply Mpowering
Connected parenting - Our children's journey

I am so proud to present you my first podcast. I hope you will enjoy listening to it! 

For those of you who prefer to read, below is also a transcription!

Being a mother of two teenagers I have experienced different phases with them. There is so much to learn with them, about them and from them. Each period of our children's growing up holds its own beauty but also brings various challenges. Some people say: small children small problems, big children big problems. I will leave it up to you to contemplate about that and ask yourself if this is true? Why yes or why not? Maybe you would also like to ask yourself: do I actually know my child's problems? 

Children grow up very fast. When they are babies or even six or seven or ten we don't quite notice it. When they hit 14, 15 or 16 it suddenly seems like you don't even realise how fast time went. A few more years and they are most likely leaving the nest... 

There is one important thing to remember: ultimately we...

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Gesellschaft im Dauerstreit - raus aus der Sackgasse

Please see the English comment below

Am 1. Februar 2022 diskutierte ich bei "Willkommen Digital", gemeinsam mit Reinhard Jesionek, langjähriger TV Moderator im österreichischen ORF und anderen Experten über das Thema "Gesellschaft im Dauerstreit - raus aus der Sackgasse." Hier geht es zum Video

On February 1st 2022 I participated in Reinhard Jesionek's "Willkommen Digital" in a discussion around the topic "Society in permanent conflict - getting out of the dead end". Reinhard Jesionek had been a TV moderator with the Austrian TV channel ORF for 37 years. Here is the link (in German)

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Mindful living and self-compassion

As I was cleaning my fridge this afternoon I was listening to relaxing piano music with birds chirping in the background and contemplating: I want to live a mindful life. 

I usually play that piano music piece in the mornings as it is very relaxing and sets us up for the day. The mornings in our household are very calm and I like to create a nurturing, loving and mindful space for my children so their day starts with more presence. Each of us has their own routine and everyone's morning schedule is different, even our dog has his own morning and breakfast routine. Everyone's individuality has space and yet there is a lot of connection present. As a mother I am the gyroscope. If the destination shows "calm" it is calm. If I was to stress and fuss everyone would get stressed. That's why I find it so important that I start my mornings in a centred and present way. It evolved naturally  and simply stayed that way.

My body and mind are now "programmed" to go into a calm and...

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As I began to love myself

Today I would like to share some thoughts titled "As I began to love myself". They are attributed to Charlie Chaplin and it is said that he shared them on his 70th birthday. They hold very profound wisdom and clearly deep experiences collected over a life time. We live in a world where old people are put into homes, rarely visited and where their wisdom is "locked up". There was a time in humanity's history where "elders" were asked for advice as people knew that they held wisdom acquired over a life time. We can be "wise beyond our years" and yet life's experiences add a deeper meaning to that wisdom. 

Have you ever asked yourself if you love yourself? Have you ever asked yourself if there is maybe a part of you that feels "you are not worthy of love" - because that's what somebody used to tell you in life? You are very worthy :) Have you ever feared arguments because you felt "that's my father / my mother and I don't want to be like them" but in the process swallowed a lot...

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Being trauma informed

Throughout my own healing journey as well as having worked with many clients from various backgrounds I came to understand how little all of us knew about trauma yet how much it affected every single one of us in our daily live and behavioural patterns. 

When I attended my Tamalpa life arts training in 2018 one of our teachers talked about trauma and listed experiences. She said for example: divorce is a trauma. I had never considered that. Of course it does not have to be but very often it is. 

At the end of the school year 2020/2021 the principle of my children's school made parents aware that our children might have been faced with trauma throughout COVID lockdowns and all the mask scenario. Many psychologists and therapists pointed out that the lockdowns took quite a toll on many children. 

My approach to life is one of simplicity, reflection, curiosity, compassion and healing. My healing journey was a bit like peeling an onion. Every time I thought I...

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A conscious choice

Throughout my childhood and adolescence I had to be very independent at an early age as both parents were working full-time. It is something that stayed with me for life. The positive aspect of that experience: I learned to be independent at a very early age. The somewhat more challenging aspect: I believed I always had to do everything by myself and alone. No doubt am I very capable of doing things alone but throughout life it can take a toll when I have a lot on my plate. 

Being a single mom and having many friends who are single moms and also single dads with hardship stories I came to understand how much responsibility we have to carry alone on a daily basis and the choices that we have to make alone. Equally we might display a lot more resilience as humans because often we work for two. 

At times we might face what appears to be Goliath in various forms. We witness how our society just stands by and watches how our governments pour millions into useless...

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It might be time to pause for a moment. Close your eyes and breath. It does not matter what is happening out there. All that matters is what is happening inside of you. 

What would happen if you paused for a moment and simply sat in stillness? What would happen if you became aware of the feelings in your body? 

Have you ever tried to remove yourself from all that noise that social media, Netflix, chat groups and similar create? Even for a day or two or maybe even a week? What would possibly transpire if you had the courage to let go of all that noise around you?

Would you fear meeting yourself believing that there is not much to meet? Try it out :) You might discover that you are full of innate wisdom, knowledge, creativity and so much more. The only way to access it though is to stop the distractions around you. 

Have you ever wondered whether your life and your time are sacred? 

I would like to invite you to simply be with yourself and sit in stillness. There...

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Multilingual - How to liberate yourself from fear


This video is available in EnglishGermanCroatianSpanish on youtube. If you click on the language, it will take you to the video. The transcript is available in English and Spanish (scroll beyond the English version). You can quote this text as long as you link it to my blog and the source creator. A big thank you to my old college friends Isa and Inma for the translation into Spanish! 

As our planet is going through a lot of fear I have decided to share some practical tips on how to become aware of and liberate yourself from fears. As parents we have to assist our children in regulating their emotions and working through fears. When we are in survival mode we cannot be creative and living in fear means "being in survival mode". Many of us are working on co-creating a new world! Join us and share your creative genius with the world! 

Transcript English: 

Today, I would like to give you some practical tips on how to work...

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Just do it! What would you do if you knew you would succeed?


You can also view the video on youtube The video and the blog are not the same transcript. 

There is no doubt that over the years I have  gone through a lot of transformation myself. During the past few years it also became clearer that I wanted to embrace and live more of my creative potential. Over the past weeks in particular there was a need to go within again. Something new wanted to emerge. One of my favourite mantras is: Letting go of the old makes room for the new! 

I will write more about the following topic but basically my focus is on "being-ness" instead of business. A video and blog will be up soon :) So I want to express my beingness and allow the business to unfold from that natural impulse that comes from within. 

Part of my current transformational process entails making videos and while I got the feedback that people are enjoying them one of my dear Tamalpa friends was curious about my...

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Leading from within


You can also watch this video on youtube 

Every month, I facilitate and host a free online retreat and webinar for coherent leadership. The focus of that is to assist and support leaders in the new paradigm to connect more to their innate creative genius and unleash and liberate their known as well as maybe still hidden superpowers. It gives them the opportunity to start becoming more creative and to acquire and develop new skills. It also offers my clients who have completed the one on one coaching (3 months package) a possibility to keep continuing with the work besides downloadable workshops. This month I decided to put my focus on leading from within and embodied leadership.

I would like to invite and encourage you to create a new habit in the month of July and really focus on leading from within and start asking yourself the following questions. How do I lead? How do I lead from within? Do I even lead...

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