The magic of visualisation - our mind, AI or both?

Have you ever reflected on your life and wondered how maybe some of your conscious thoughts have come true in unexpected ways? 

Sometimes I have those "unusual" experiences even with small things. In those moments it feels like I just need to have a thought and a day or two later that thought turns into a reality. 

When I had my first experiences with a guided visualisation technique, I had no idea that years later my imaginary world would appear in real life. 

Around 2009 (in Singapore) I learned a sort of self-hypnosis technique, which I later shared in my workshops and with my clients. 

During the exercise a space is created in our minds based on our creative imagination. 

I created a space that had huge windows overlooking the sea and mountains. The living room had a green wall. 

I remember thinking at some point, how such a place does not exist, where huge mountains appear at the end of the sea. 

As I walked across a boardwalk along...

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The magic of hope - a powerful mindset

Recently I have come across several podcasts, where Viktor Frankl's book "Man's search for meaning" was mentioned and how it had impacted the reader. Viktor Frankl was an Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor. 

In his book he describes the experience of trying to keep a positive mindset of survival and hope throughout his horrific experiences in various concentration camps. 

He shares in his book: "I had no intention of losing hope and giving up. For no man knew what the future would bring, much less the next hour. [...] The prisoner who had lost faith in the future - was doomed. With his loss of belief in the future, he also lost his spiritual hold; he let himself decline and became subject to mental and physical decay." 

Hope kept Viktor Frankl alive. He later developed the so-called logotherapy within the field of psychology and died at age 97. 

You might have also come across books or stories about cancer survivors (stage...

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The magic of stillness - it could lead to global peace

Every time I sense into the coming months, I take some deep breaths and feel that stillness will support us through any challenges that might surface.

Stillness allows us to be present in the moment and simply trust the process. We experience a deeper connection with ourselves as well as the world around us. 

I love looking over the Zurich lake and the nearby mountains. I could look at them forever and just watch the changes of nature. 

During stormy times the water is wild and the warning lights are continuously blinking around the harbours along the lake. 

Sometimes the mountains might not even be visible because of fog and clouds.

Our mind can be as stormy as nature. Foggy, windy and wild. After every storm, no matter how long it lasts, eventually the sun appears.

The world looks very different when we observe it from a place of stillness. Imagine what our world would look like if people in power took the time to sit in stillness, observe and...

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The magic of an empty chair


The magic of an empty chair had quite an impact on my own journey.

It never ceases to amaze me what transpires by using some simple yet very empowering tools.

The empty chair is one of them and you might know it from a coaching experience in your personal or even professional life.

The origins (1930s) of the empty chair exercise are based on the so called Gestalt therapy (Psychoanalysts Fritz and Laura Perls).

The word Gestalt is German and means "figure". 

Gestalt has also made it into the coaching environment. I was already familiar with it from my training in expressive arts therapy when I encountered it again in my team coaching training.

The facilitator, who had written a book on it, demonstrated how it can be used in the corporate world to solve some challenges within teams and management questions.

If you would like to try it out you need an empty chair and a person (Gestalt) who you want to talk to. 

You can simply imagine that...

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The magic of Your many purposes

Happy New Year! Let me start this year's magic with a picture of Saturn taken by the the Webb Space Telescope. My son used to talk a lot about Saturn when he was a child. 

You can find many more magnificent pictures of our universe on their website:

What I consider to be my own true awakening was an experience that I had in the science museum in London in 2013. 

As I looked at he pictures of the universe taken by the Hubble telescope it really hit me. The universe was pure magic. 

In that moment I felt like I had lived my life in the smallest possible box ever, although I had already lived on three different continents and in eight different cities at that stage. 

I began to question many things that I had learned about our world and how it supposedly worked. While I had already been on a kind of "spiritual journey" at that stage, my thirst for knowledge and new experiences grew by the day. 

With every new door...

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The magic of 2024... A quantum leap? Pause and nurture your Self

Do you ever pause to admire something that suddenly catches your attention like a beautiful flower, a full moon, a majestic tree, a child jumping with joy in a puddle of water, a beautiful old building, a gorgeous sunset or sunrise etc.? 

Pause. What was the last experience in your life that brought a smile to your face or where you marvelled at its beauty, existence or joy? 

Sometimes we might only experience such pockets of magic but maybe slowly but surely those pockets might be growing. 

Speaking of pockets... Several years ago I came across a mindfulness exercise. Put pebbles or almonds into your pocket. Every time something nice happens throughout your day put a pebble or almond into your other pocket and subsequently into a "happy jar". 

At the end of the day have a look at how many pebbles or almonds you moved into the other pocket. 

This exercise will certainly tell you more about your days... I wonder how many pebbles or...

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The magic of gratitude

Thank you for being who you are!

Every time whenI feel deep gratitude especially for the blessings in my life, a magical feeling overcomes me. 

I feel like the luckiest person on Earth. It does not have to be anything "big". 

On a cold winter's day I come home to a warm apartment. It is raining heavily outside and I feel grateful to have a safe shelter. 

A washing machine? A dish washer? Sending my blessings and gratitude to such geniuses! 

I am so grateful to be a mum to the two miracles in my life who together with my dog taught me the depth of love. 

I don't even know if they will ever understand how much I love them. I do know though that they often say "thank you" to me.

Yet there were some moments in my life when I refused to be grateful because I was so upset with people and situations. 

Today I can look back and feel gratitude for those experiences and even those people who truly upset and hurt me. 

Such experiences...

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The magic of money - giving and receiving

I am wondering whether your last week might have been as turbulent as mine.

Apparently we had some solar flares class X ( and to me it seems that those strong eruptions tend to impact us directly especially if we are highly sensitive. 

Take good care of yourself if that is the case!

I would like to share with you my insights and feelings around the magic of money and giving and receiving. I am also giving away five free sessions for coaching, healing or constellation work for people how have subscribed to my newsletter. 

Somehow money tends to be a curious topic in our world. As I have had the privilege to grow up with different cultures, I observed how different the mindset was when it came to money.

In one culture people freely shared with each other how much they earned. People from that culture had grown up in rural but strong communities and giving and receiving was quite balanced.

In another culture talking about your salary would have...

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The magic of one cell = You

How have you been over the past weeks?

I had a moment of synchronicity this week. As I opened the quarterly magazine from my health insurance I read the headline "The power of music". It then continued to say: " Music is medicine for the soul - but also for the body. Music therapy takes advantage of that and uses it to help people with physical as well as psychological illnesses." 

Last week I wrote my blog and newsletter about "The magic of music". Even health insurances are starting to realise that there are many different ways to heal... 

Have you maybe taken any small steps or used the "the magic or power of music" by now? 

Speaking of small... Do you remember how small you were when you started this life cycle? 

If we ever question how much we can grow on any level and in all areas in our lives then we just have to remember how much we have grown from one tiny cell to a fully grown human.

I am still a curious child and a life long...

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The magic of music - put your feet up :)

Some of us are experiencing the winter and others are going into the spring. 

Isn't that in itself magical? 

Yesterday I put up some Christmas decoration while watching the landscape outside turning into a winter wonderland. 

I have always loved the winter season. Many people struggle with the lack of daylight and more rainy, cold and grey days. 

It simply shows how much we enjoy the warmth of the sun and the light. 

For me however, there is something magical about those dark days when candles are lit, blankets finally get used and cups of tea or hot chocolate are being enjoyed.

Of course we can grab a good book that will add some cozy flair to such moments. 

Or we can simply listen to relaxing music, put our feet up and breathe. 

Music can change how we feel. It can make us feel more relaxed, present or happy. 

Certain music however can also cause more dissonance in us.

This seems to be connected to different frequencies. Increasingly we will...

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