The magic of money - giving and receiving

I am wondering whether your last week might have been as turbulent as mine.

Apparently we had some solar flares class X ( and to me it seems that those strong eruptions tend to impact us directly especially if we are highly sensitive. 

Take good care of yourself if that is the case!

I would like to share with you my insights and feelings around the magic of money and giving and receiving. I am also giving away five free sessions for coaching, healing or constellation work for people how have subscribed to my newsletter. 

Somehow money tends to be a curious topic in our world. As I have had the privilege to grow up with different cultures, I observed how different the mindset was when it came to money.

In one culture people freely shared with each other how much they earned. People from that culture had grown up in rural but strong communities and giving and receiving was quite balanced.

In another culture talking about your salary would have been unthinkable. People from that culture grew up within an individual family setting in an urban environment.

What was your experience in your culture? What kind of mindset around money have you grown up with? 

Money in itself is neutral and it is a resource that we use as an exchange for giving and receiving. 

There are so many stories that I could list here where money is being used in positive ways. 

I would also like to mention Givesendgo for example. It is a newer platform for donations with the intention to share hope. As humans we are a hugely compassionate species and many people love to give and help. 

We all know that the energy of money is also being used in negative ways. However, we can only take responsibility for our own giving and receiving, like with everything else in life. 

There is a healthy giving and receiving and when some receive too much and others too little than things are clearly out of balance. 

If we look at how much magic money can create and when we see the true value of giving and receiving then our world will be much more in balance.

It is a very colourful world with lots of different realities and we are all co-creators of those realities.  

What kind of reality would you like to create for yourself as well as the world?

Might there be a mindset or belief system that is in your way and your giving and receiving is out of balance? 

You might even be struggling to receive because you are so used to being a giver, which is usually the case with women and mothers. 

This leads me to this week's offer: I am giving away a free session to five people. Simply hit the reply button and let me know if you would like to receive a free 60 minute online session for coaching, healing or constellation work. 

In the meantime, may you have a magical life and allow yourself to receive abundantly and enjoy a balanced giving and receiving, whether that be financially or in any other way. 

Coming up next: The magic of gratitude. So, stay tuned...

Have a magical week! 

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