The magic of 2024... A quantum leap? Pause and nurture your Self

Do you ever pause to admire something that suddenly catches your attention like a beautiful flower, a full moon, a majestic tree, a child jumping with joy in a puddle of water, a beautiful old building, a gorgeous sunset or sunrise etc.? 

Pause. What was the last experience in your life that brought a smile to your face or where you marvelled at its beauty, existence or joy? 

Sometimes we might only experience such pockets of magic but maybe slowly but surely those pockets might be growing. 

Speaking of pockets... Several years ago I came across a mindfulness exercise. Put pebbles or almonds into your pocket. Every time something nice happens throughout your day put a pebble or almond into your other pocket and subsequently into a "happy jar". 

At the end of the day have a look at how many pebbles or almonds you moved into the other pocket. 

This exercise will certainly tell you more about your days... I wonder how many pebbles or almonds you will have moved at the end of 2024?

As another year is coming to an end we might reflect on the "noise levels" as well as the "pebbles and almonds" in our lives. 

Do you keep yourself busy with listening to the noise in your head, on the news or even on the road when calmer possibilities are available? 

Have you ever been taught how important it is to nurture your Self and focus on your own happiness rather than please the rest of the world? Imagine if you got used to pampering yourself! 

When we mindfully give to our Self we equally give to others. They get to experience a joyful, happy, compassionate and loving I. Really, a win win situation!

Maybe you would like to create a ritual for 2024 and celebrate "letting go of the old and making room for the new"?

Maybe it is something big or maybe it is one small step, one pebble or one almond...?

I have often heard people say: If I had known how liberating it feels I would have taken that step much earlier.

Could 2024 be the year when you will take "that step"?

Curiously I already seem to be at the end of 2024... So, how did I skip 2023?

During the first months of 2023 I realised that I kept writing 2024.

Whenever I noticed that I was using the "wrong year" I would cross out the number 4 and replace it with the number 3.

As I looked through my journal I realised that I had continuously used 2024 and had not even noticed it.

At some point it became clear to me that I was on a different timeline and simply accepted that I somehow skipped the year 2023. 

This sounds absolutely crazy but from a quantum perspective it makes some sense (quantum leap maybe?).

The last quarter of my 2024 was  magical and felt like I had finally made it over the "finish" line.  

I observed how environments that were no longer aligned with my values were either removed or simply disappeared from my life.

I started to experience more magic in my life. In fact everything around me felt more magical.

Overall it seemed like I had moved into another world that was much calmer, serene and aligned with the kind of world I would like to create and live in.

What kind of world would you like to live in and create for your Self? This is a key question in 2024.

Remember, when you mindfully take care of your Self others benefit from that too. 

No matter what seems to be happening out there in the world in 2024 it is a process of change. Just make sure to have the necessary resources and tools that will keep you grounded to weather any possible storms. 

Only you know what you need in such moments and if you are not sure yet, then I would like to encourage you to find out what it is that supports you to stay balanced. It could even be counting pebbles or almonds...

Simply trust that the candle will slowly make its way into the sunshine... step by step. 

There are so many beautiful and inspiring projects and initiatives unfolding all over the world. 

Imagine how much magic you would experience in your life to join such projects or maybe you even start your own initiative in 2024! 

Coming up next: The magic of purpose. So, stay tuned... 

Have a magical week and an even more magical 2024!  

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