The magic of curiosity - is life like a movie theatre?

I am curious. How are you perceiving our world? 

Last week I pondered how human intelligence could be increasing with artificial intelligence through the morphic field.

At times it feels like we only know a fraction of how the universe seems to work.

People's perceptions of reality can differ vastly. Sometimes it almost feels like I am sitting in the movie theatre and depending which room I go into, a different movie is screened. 

Yet, the movie setting is always planet Earth. At times I burst out into spontaneous laughter, wondering who wrote the script. 

Sometimes it is unclear who the real villain is. Armageddon seems around the corner but so is "ascension from 3D to 5D", where we all live in peace, love and harmony.

Is there such a thing as "one truth" and "one reality"?

Can we pick a reality just like a TV channel? 

Curiosity leads to discovery....


I still remember my childhood. For a long time, our black and white TV offered only five channels. We considered ourselves lucky as other areas had only two channels. 

Now we live in times where we are flooded with information and countless channels. There seems to be no real "off" button. 

On the positive side, we have the opportunity to learn about so many different type of topics. We have access to different experts around the world, who we might have never heard of without the new type of media channels. 

We can choose, who we want to listen to and compare different view points, suggestions or even connect certain dots.

Overall, we tend to be drawn to experts, channels and people who are more aligned with us and how we perceive the world. Sometimes this could even lead to a sort of bubble or a reality that we co-create but that might also be created by suggestive algorithms on social media platforms.

I love watching podcasts about different topics, where deep questions are asked and the hosts seem curious about finding out more about their guests. 

They seem to be present with an open mind and a willingness to learn about new things.

They might not always agree with their guests but they hold a space of curious inquiry.

Remember how children go about exploring their world, and how probably most of us did? They ask so many questions and sometimes we might not even have the answers that they are seeking to hear. 

Why do we believe that anybody in this world might have all the answers or know everything for sure?

What would happen if we kept that deeply inquisitive mindset as adults?

There is no doubt that we gather wisdom, knowledge, expertise and experiences throughout our lives.  

Yet, sometimes we might limit ourselves when we stop being curious.

I recently listened to an interview with the Austrian quantum physicist and nobel price winner Dr Anton Zeillinger.

He shared how he did his research without knowing where it was going to take him, which seems obvious. Yet, applications for funding have become highly regulated and you are expected to describe how you will get to the end result. However, you might not know that in advance and it limits the explorative process, which is always a journey. 

A question that arises for me is how people can be so certain about their view points, when they have not had other people's experiences or gathered different types of information? 

Can we assume that there is a tendency to view the world through the eyes of our own experiences and that those can differ vastly from other people's experiences? 

We all have to make our own conclusions and decisions in life. Sometimes they are intuitive and other times they might be based on gathered information or we combine both approaches. 

The four-minute mile seemed physically impossible until Bannister broke it in 1954. Maybe it started with some curious questions... and led to some magic.

Coming up next: The magic of movement. So, stay tuned...

Have a magical week!

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