The magic of movement - consciously shifting energy

Last week we had a few sunny and warm days, a lovely reminder of the difference between winter and spring. 

Somehow the sun tends to awaken the feeling of life in us. Nature slowly starts to move into a new cycle of re-birth and growth. 

Is it not magical how this natural flow simply unfolds?

How much of that natural flow are we replicating or experiencing in our own lives? 

Are we taking time to slow down or even "hibernate"? Are we honouring endings and feeling joy with new beginnings? 

Are we listening to our body when it feels exhausted? Or do we continue to keep pushing ourselves in unnatural and unhealthy ways, until we collapse?

On my own journey, I discovered through different forms of movement, how the body communicates very clearly what we need at any moment in time. 

All we have to do is listen and trust our inner knowing.

In January I felt an intuitive impulse to sign up for Qi Gong and Pilates. 

I did not even have a specific goal that I wanted to achieve or any expectations for a specific outcome. At the start, I merely set the intention to shift some energy. 

It turned out to be a beautiful reminder that we only need to set an intention and allow the energy to flow. If we can trust the journey that unfolds naturally throughout the process, a lot will shift, change, transform and move.

It was pure magic to witness how shifts started to occur on different levels, inside and outside, physically, emotionally and mentally. 

I observed where my body held tensions that only showed up through specific exercises.  

I was also reminded of how I was moving energy consciously. 

Our body stores all our memories, good and bad. Movements like sports or dance help us to shift energy.

Dance used to be my passion and it was the most natural expression of myself. Over the years I allowed life to take over and bury one of my greatest gifts and joys. 

Yet, over time I re-awakened my love for dance in different ways and explored various forms of it. It led to deeper experiences and knowledge about how body, mind and soul move in harmony or disharmony.

My life arts and somatics training reminded me of the importance of movement and its healing properties. Bonnie Bainbridge teaches about the consciousness in our body and cells. 

Movement practices like Tai Chi or Qi Gong include a more mindful way of exercising your body and moving energy through your body. It can lead to more presence and awareness. 

Finally, there is the "no mind" movement, based on the Japanese Mu Shin Mu. We let go completely and allow the body to move on its own. It intuitively moves whatever needs to be moved and allows the deepest layers to surface. 

All forms of movement lead to an improvement of our well-being on the physical, emotional and mental level. 

Maybe you do not feel ready to dance, exercise or pick up qi gong or anything similar at the moment. 

Maybe your next small step might be to take a walk. That too is movement and can lead to more presence and awareness. 

I am doing my Qi Gong sessions online with Steven Washington, who is based in California. We have a time difference of nine hours. 

During the Corona lockdowns, I facilitated life arts webinars with meditation, movement, drawing and writing. 

If you do not feel ready to step outside into the world but want to learn in the comfort of your home, then try out online sessions.

You only have to set an intention to experience some magic and then allow it to unfold in its most natural way.

Coming up next: The magic of slowing down. So, stay tuned... 

Have a magical week! 

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