The magic of Your many purposes

Happy New Year! Let me start this year's magic with a picture of Saturn taken by the the Webb Space Telescope. My son used to talk a lot about Saturn when he was a child. 

You can find many more magnificent pictures of our universe on their website:

What I consider to be my own true awakening was an experience that I had in the science museum in London in 2013. 

As I looked at he pictures of the universe taken by the Hubble telescope it really hit me. The universe was pure magic. 

In that moment I felt like I had lived my life in the smallest possible box ever, although I had already lived on three different continents and in eight different cities at that stage. 

I began to question many things that I had learned about our world and how it supposedly worked. While I had already been on a kind of "spiritual journey" at that stage, my thirst for knowledge and new experiences grew by the day. 

With every new door that I opened I found new information to learn about and reflect upon and another new door, followed by another new door....

Different people who I had met on that journey would tell me that my purpose was "to simply be".

So, let's start with that purpose. You do not need to look for anything bigger than that: Simply be!

I don't even remember if I had really asked myself on a deeper level what my purpose was. I just expressed whatever was present in the moment. 

I did notice though that it was a very common question on the quest for finding more meaning in life, relationships or work. 

Have you ever asked yourself that question? What is my purpose in life? 

Sometimes I look back at my life and think that it would have turned out completely different if I had had the knowledge that I have now. 

However, it is never too late to start something new. On the contrary, every time you start something new you continue to learn while also bringing along all the experiences you have gathered until now.

Over time I concluded that we all have multiple purposes and not just one.

Unless you are living alone somewhere remote in the mountains with no contact to the outside world you encounter different people and situations in your life. 

If you were to reflect on it, you would possibly come to the conclusion that you have a different purpose for different people in your life?

You might be a parent, a grandparent, a (former) spouse, a partner, a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, a friend, a  boss, an employee, a coach, a volunteer and so much more. 

While all of your being is flowing into those different roles and relationships every single one of them might have a different purpose. You might even be impacting many people in your life without realising it! 

We often experience much more magic in those small yet very precious contexts but we seem to believe that only the "big shots" count. Even my dog has a very special purpose in our family's life. 

Some of our purposes might also change throughout our lives even with the same people. 

Sometimes our purpose is completed and jobs and relationships end. 

A few years ago I attended a workshop for permaculture. The facilitator had been a primary school teacher. After she had attended her first course on permaculture she decided that this was her new calling. 

She quit teaching at a primary school and started teaching permaculture to adults and sometimes schools but also designed gardens and other areas based on the principles of regeneration. 

Her purpose was still in teaching but the content had changed. Her creative work moved from arts and crafts in school to redesigning spaces in a more natural way.  

So, what are your thoughts on your many purposes? Might you be transforming, changing, ending or maybe even starting a new purpose in your life or career? 

Remember 2024 holds potential for a lot of magic... It all begins with one (small) step that could turn out to be a quantum leap and many small steps turn into miles or even many quantum leaps! 

Coming up next: The magic of an empty chair. It could be life changing. So, stay tuned... 

Have a magical week!

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